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what do we do

Matteo Tranchellini’s Studio is a specialist in images: from chromatic tuning to small improvements, up to the creation of complex images from a variety of photographic contributions.
This is a an invaluable experience that photographers have relied on for years to make their work perfect; communicate with creative agencies to put creative ideas on a good footing; and for companies to consult on the choice of photographers.


we deal with images from digital or analog media (analogic films), providing acquisition services with the latest software and drum scanners. We provide on set and post production assistance of the highest quality: editing, photomontage, photo retouching, and color management. Our staff offers maximum support even in the event of particularly tight schedules. From the retouching of fashion photos to the most complex photomontages, we have been manipulating every kind of image for years, with a consolidated experience in advertising, publishing, and art. Refinement has become our stylistic signature in this field.

3D modeling

by 3D production we mean the creation of realistic images, using special software (in our case MODO) for the creation of photographic images. we model primitive geometries, sculpting and developing them to make them more photo realistic: the result is a unique image, in which it is difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction. everything is based on a considered balance between the play of lights and shadows, simulation of materials, and perfect shots. the 3D is then processed in synergy with the post production, leading to the combination of the photographic parts with those of 3D.