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Matteo Tranchellini

How was photo editing before the digital camera?

a reference polaroid taken during the shooting.

How was it possible to digitally post produce a photo starting from the film?

This campaign for Coca Cola produced by McCann Agency Milan, has been created from the still life photography taken by Raffaello Brà through our digital post production, years before the spreading of digital cameras. So before that technology in the late 2000’s, the story of an advertising campaign production used to start from the analog photography starting line.

The process to retouch an analogue photo starts by scanning the film.

Two fotocolor selected for the campaign showing the corrections requested by the agency

The photographer took many photos of the subject in different situations (numbers not comparable to those of contemporary digital photography), changing the lights, the position and adding condense drops on the can, until you get the best result without going for trial, especially because the use of the film allows a preview of the shot only through the polaroid.

The whole shooting used to be reviewed at least twelve or even twenty-four hours after the set has been removed, when the opportunity to re-shoot it again in case of unexpected event were almost impossible.

Fotocolor 10×12

All the selected pictures  were digitally acquired with a professional optical vertical scanner, with a resolution that reached the 8000 dpi.

After the scanning process, the pictures digitally acquired can be now photo retouched in photoshop.

During the digital post-production process in which the selected shots are combined, they are assembled and retouched allowing the rendering of a definitive image that is perfect in every detail. The same result would not be possible with just one picture.

Obviously in the 2000’s the computer weren’t so performing as the ones that we use today. So could you imagine what working on a 400 MB file meant? Almost comparable to a current  1GB file: SLOW!

Final Image.