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Matteo Tranchellini

Dior Fine Jewellery Unveil À Versailles

A unique jewellery collection shooted by the photographer Brigitte Niedermair, for Dior Fine Jewelry. A photo story about these narrative and playful Dior Fine Jewellery pieces unfolds, precious rotating stones, hidden drawers and miniature chests hide symbols relating to Monsieur Dior’s world.

Versailles is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Maison Dior, right from the first haute couture collection of the founder.

Christian Dior finds in the splendor of its decorative elements, in the creative rigor of its architecture and its landscapes, all the symbolism of a French art of living, which, when he opened his Maison, in 1947, he wanted to give back a place of first floor.

Known for portraits and still life with essential aesthetics, the photographer Brigitte Niedermair has created a photographic series of diptychs in which the details, colors, curves and materials of the most representative creations of the jewelry collection interact with the miniatures, together with some of the House’s emblematic codes .

From this same imaginary, the Dior high jewelery collection was born, conceived as the last panel of a triptych. After the night Versailles and its enlarged details, in 2016, and the solar Versailles of its gardens, the following year, Victoire de Castellane leads us this time in the secret Versailles, between hidden passages and hidden boudoir.

Romantic intrigues are held between the castle walls represented in this photopgraphic serie, and the regal passions born of these narrative jewels are born. Sliding on itself, a ring reveals a sculpted vanity, like a ghostly appearance in the flickering light of a candle at the end of a hidden corridor that connected the king’s room to that of his favorite.

In another jewel, a diamond rotates on its axis by uncovering a stone under the stone, like a disguised door opening onto new perspectives. A hidden drawer looks like the miniature of the box in which the lovers jealously kept their correspondence. These mechanical jewels recall, for their own conception, the jewels of that time.




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Fonte: aeworld  Fashionpress